Hi, i'm Karen. TV shows make me cry a lot and fictional characters ruined my life. I'm probably crying over Teen Wolf right now.

"If anything, [the Oscar] made me a target, because now when I flub my lines on set, Woody [Harrelson] is like, ‘Well, you’d better give that Oscar back!’"

And books, they offer one hope — that a whole universe might open up from between the covers, and falling into that universe, one is saved.


See, a nogitsune feeds off chaos, strife and pain. This morning you took it from Isaac. Then you took it from coach. And then from a dying deputy.  All that pain, you took it all. Now, give it to me.

Hey how does that sound, Snow? What if we- what if we set your backyard on fire? You know, you can’t put everybody in here!



Teen Wolf/Spongebob Parallel


"so how long have you been on tumblr"

*has war flashbacks to the introduction of WHAT IS AIR*

"Let’s show them what real beauty looks like.


We only have each other 
It’s just you and me 
What are we gonna do?